With every season, there are some staples you must have in your wardrobe and with winter approaching, these are items need to be able to keep you warm while still being comfortable and stylish. Here we have listed below a few items which you might want to have this winter.
Skinny Jeans
These are stylish and comfortable all year round, but especially essential to have during winter as their streamlines silhouette allows one to wear multiple layers on top without looking too bulky and still stay warm. Skinny jeans can do no wrong as they can be mixed with almost anything and with the right top, worn anywhere from day time functions with flats and a jacket to pointy heels and a drape at night.
Sweaters and Wraps
A knitted jumper dress, a cashmere sweater or a Dakota moda are chic casual wear which help show a little skin during winter but still stay warm. These can be dressed up or down with the right jeans or skirts and thus a must have for the cold season.
Fedora and Statement Coat
While most of us do not think of a hat during winter, a felt or wool fedora can make any outfit feel more complete and is a great way of keeping warm without compromising on style. While a fedora makes a statement, so does a statement coat. As the name suggests, these are coats usually of bright or unusual colors and textures which make a statement about you and who you are. When everyone is bent on dressing in grays and blacks, why not jazz it up with a bright red, pink or metallic coat?
The Boots
Boots are a practical and chic option of footwear in the winter. Especially over the knee boots, they can be worn with jeans or mini dress or skirt and matched for both day and night wear. It is the same scenario with ankle boots which are a perennial staple especially in the winter. These can be matched together with jeans, sweater dress, tights, or skirts to make the perfect outfit.
Leather Jackets
A leather jacket can be paired with most outfits and will add an instant edge to anything you wear it with. The more fitting it is the better so that it doesn’t become a giant overcoat, however these can be worn over a simple t-shirt, loose top or a comfortable dress to keep warm and look chic at the same time.
The Turtleneck
To finish off our list is the turtleneck top. These are practical and comfortable and are almost timeless when it comes to winter clothing. They will not only keep you warm through the winter but will also give a very stylish look with jeans or dress.