College life is an important milestone that we all have to cross in our lives. But for some reason students are more apprehensive about college when they should be excited. The best way to avoid this feeling is to know all the details well ahead. While everyone will tell you how good and fun it is, they leave out the most important details. Listed below are some such facts that you need to be aware about.

You will make bad memories too

Do not get the idea that your college life is going to be similar to high school. It will be much harder and more stressful. Facing this hard truth before you enroll will actually make it easier for you to get through it. While there are days that you will get to hang out with your friends, most of the days will be spent studying and researching, especially when you are close to the finals. So, if you think that you can wing it by joining a club or two, you could not be more wrong.

You will get home sick

Some students think that being in a new atmosphere will automatically enable them to forget about their families. Do know that until you finally wear your Uni graduation gown, you will miss your family every passing day. So, it is best to figure out a way to contact your friends and family beforehand. This way, you can stay in touch them regardless of how far you live.

Keep yourself busy

Being occupied all the time will help you to keep your mind away from home. If you are feeling terribly homesick, then meet new people. This does not mean that you will forget about the old ones. Instead, making new friends can keep you company and distracted. Even though you might miss your family terribly, you will finally get to meet them on the day you wear the USyd graduation gowns. The smile on their faces will definitely make this effort worth it. So, make sure to get out more and join various clubs and societies.

You won’t make friends immediately

If you do not make friends on the first day, do not feel let down. You will be able to make friends for a week or two since everyone will be busy figuring themselves out. So, give it some time. Meanwhile, you can use this time to get yourself organized and get familiar with the operations of the university. This way, once you meet your friends, you will be able to focus on your studies quite easily.

Moreover, it is important for you to know how to take care of yourself properly. This will eliminate the need to visit your family every once in a while.