Are you and your family heading towards the warm sand and blue skies this holiday? If you have young children or babies then you may have some concerns about taking them to the beach. We’ve put together some handy tips that’ll make your baby’s trip to the beach a fun and relaxing one for the whole family.

Pack Smart

Pick a carry all bag with plenty of compartments. Your baby’s needs are very different to those of an adult and you will definitely need to pack more than just a towel and a change of clothes! A bag with lots of compartments will help you keep track of everything and will also keep things neat and easily accessible. Pack plenty of liquids. You don’t want anyone getting dehydrated so pack water and juice for younger kids who may feel tired and could use some energy. Swimming makes everyone hungry, so pack plenty of snacks. Biscuits, dry fruit and crisps are the way to go, as they won’t go bad in the hot sun. Also, take along extra clothes, diapers, wet wipes and a blanket as the sand can get very hot.

Protect Yourselves

While bright sunshine sounds lovely and you may want to use this opportunity to work on your tan, do remember that the sun can be very harmful! Babies especially can be susceptible to bad sunburns and heat rash, so pack accordingly. Make sure you take hats for everyone, and consider getting everyone sunglasses to protect their eyes from the glare. Take plenty of sunblock and make sure everyone applies it. You can get spray on sunblock or cream depending on which option best suits your purposes. While sunblock can help it might be advisable to look into getting some SPF clothing for your kids.

SPF clothing will provide them with an extra layer of protection against the harsh rays of the sun and could in combination with sunblock help minimise exposure to harmful rays and protect from heat rash. Also, take a large umbrella that you can set up to cover all of you while lying on the beach. Get to know how you can enjoy your vacation with the right fashion and protect yourself from the sun over here

Take Toys

As fun as the ocean and beach can be, not all kids and babies are equally enamoured with the beach. Take along a beach ball and some plastic shovels and spades to keep kids busy and entertained! A plastic bucket could also be useful if they like to go collecting seashells.

While taking kids to the beach can seem stressful, remember that this beach holiday is about having fun and making memories that will last a lifetime!