You are waiting to hear a ‘yes’ from your beloved since long. But even after a number of dating or meeting in dinner, you are not feeling courageous enough to propose your lady. Guys often plan a lot to propose in a grand manner to their ladies. But some silly mistakes they do, which can have huge consequences. So, let’s make it perfect with the tips for your perfect proposal. 

Here we go with some mistakes and tips to avoid the same by proposing your lad

1. A wrong selection of diamond engagement rings Dandenong: Whether your lady likes a princess cut engagement ring or a vintage looking diamond ring, it should be known to you very clearly. Choose the ring as per her style preference and choice. 

2. Being late for any reason: Either it is traffic or your office work, you just can’t be late. So, you can complete all your tasks in a planned schedule and arrive on the right time. Girls never like to wait, keep it in mind always. Your expensive princess cut engagement ring will not work that much if you are late on the very special day. So, be careful.

3. Not dressing up properly: Please, dress up properly. In fact, it’s a very earnest request to the guys. It may not create any difference or a little sense to be dressed up especially. But it is truly the perfect time to be dressed up in a suitable and soothing manner. If you turn up with a shabby look, this will never impress your lady. No need to go for expensive formals. Wear the dress in whichyou are comfortable. If you are thinking of wearing casual outfit, choose something which is soothing and make you look handsome.

4. Forgetting to treat her as the ‘best’ ever: We are not saying that you should treat her with the king size arrangements. Do as much as possible for you. The ’best’ which we mentioned, means that let her feel that she is truly a ‘princess’. Not with the most expensive gifts, but with your attitude and care. Open the door of the car for her. Let’s prepare the seat in a perfect manner. If possible arrange the flower petals, surrounding the spot, where you are planning to propose. The delicacy in your every move will impress her to a huge extent and you will get plus points here. Don’t just let the day be like the normal one. Think something different and make the arrangements accordingly.