One of the hassles of going to gym is that is often difficult to go anywhere else after your workout. This is typically because your workout wear is not exactly ready to be worn outside. The new improvements in exercise gear, however, now offers many more options in this regard.
There are often staples such as yoga leggings and footwear that can be flaunted inside the gym as well as outside. With just a light bit of coordinating you will be ready to strut down the street in a really cute outfit. Here are some workout clothing items that are easily converted to outdoor wear:
Yoga Pants
One of the reasons that yoga leggings are such a favourite is because they are so comfortable. This means that once you are done with your yoga class or your exercise regime, you are free to go outside. What makes these pants so versatile is that they do not really resemble workout clothes. You can easily throw on a pretty, feminine top and you will be good to go. The best way to ensure that this item goes with everything is to get it in darker shades such as black. Read more review here if you are looking for yoga leggings.
Tunic Tops
Long tunic tops can easily pass for short dresses. Prior to working out, you can simply slip on some shorts underneath the tunic. Once your exercise has been completed, you simply take them off and voila! You have a cute dress that you can wear to brunch or run errands in. If you prefer a little bit more coverage, you simply have to swap the shorts for a pair of tights or jeans and you will go from casual to chic.

Sports Shoes
There are plenty of celebrities that have perfected the sports shoes as street fashion trend. This is because there a lot of sport shoes that are very stylish not to mention, super comfortable. For a really cool, effortless look stick with white shoes. If you want something that will complement everything or want to go for a more understated look, you can wear black sports shoes. Pullover
Pullovers are super comfortable and allow for a great deal of flexibility. This what makes them such great exercise clothes. The bright colouring and innovative designs is what makes these tops particularly eye-catching. This is why you can simply slip on a pair of jeans or skirt and you will be street style ready. You can also layer them over a sports bra for added effect.
You know do not have to carry around a gym back that is stuffed full of clothes just to be able to go out after the gym. With these few items you will be all set.